JATO eGuide

How do your dealership sales people demonstrate the benefits of your vehicles to their customers? Do they rely on their last training course or do they have a smart digital tool that provides confidence they are always up to date?

Do you want to improve their ability to present advantages to customers? Do you want to benefit from unbiased information to build customer credibility? Do you want to ensure that when a customer is ready to buy, your sales people can confidently ensure that it is your car they buy? …Not just once, but EVERY time a customer enters your showroom!

    • Comparative Benefits

      Enhancing your ability to sell the comparative benefits of your car versus the competition

    • Providing Knowledge

      Providing knowledge via a tablet system that is intuitive, smart and accurate whenever they need, and at the car, rather than at a desk

    • Empowering your Dealers

      Empowering all your dealer sales people with information that is updated every 24 hours

    • Comparative Information

      Improving the presentation of comparative information and removing the need to trawl through piles of competitor brochures

    • Strengthening the Trust

      Strengthening the bond of trust between sales people and consumers

    • Capability and Confidence

      Increasing the capability and confidence of your sales people to win every sale!

    • Multi-Platform Devices

      Vehicle specification and comparator tool designed for the latest iPad devices

    • Easy to Use

      Modern and intuitive, quick and easy to use

    • Version-level Data

      Version-level data with car pricing and full equipment lists including options and customer incentives

    • Key Advantages

      Compares own brand specifications and equipment against pre-selected competitors, displaying the key advantages

    • Daily Updates

      Updated daily from the Cloud with reliable and accurate JATO price and specification data

    • Fully Branded

      Fully branded in your own look and feel, including own brand high quality stock images

What do we know?

All manufacturers are constantly updating and refining their offer and the market is becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, consumers have never had more opportunity to research the market from their own home or office, using the internet, in preference to visiting a stream of dealerships.

And what does this mean?

Not only is the internet a way of life, but tablet technology is becoming a mainstream expectation. Information is not only expected to be available, but also to be presented in impressive ways and intuitive to use.

How can JATO eGuide help?

  • Tablet technology is mainstream to today’s consumers and using this in dealerships provides customers with a more professional and a more modern showroom experience
  • JATO eGuide gives power back to salesperson in terms of up-to-date, accurate information
  • JATO eGuide is a mobile, flexible solution, that can be used anywhere, inside and outside the showroom, road test, or by fleet sales at a customer site
  • Supports your own dealer sales & training investment – continuously fills information gaps for dealer sales staff particularly for changes in the competitive offering

Contact us to discuss further how to deliver the JATO eGuide experience to your sales team. We look forward to speaking to you.

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