JATO Total Cost
of Ownership

How do your vehicles measure up to the competition in terms of whole life costs? Do you have access to detailed intelligence and reliable tools that will ensure you know the impact of key decisions on your running costs, your insurance rating and your residual values?

Do you want to improve your skills at managing vehicle costs over the duration of ownership? Do you want to build a strong and sustainable customer positioning? Do you want to ensure that your vehicle is positioned in the best possible light for a fleet or leasing business?

    • Easy to Use

      JATO Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) draws on all data that contributes to the total cost of owning a vehicle and links all these data sets together into a single, easy to use solution.

    • Whole Life Costs

      TCO focuses on the whole life cost of the vehicle, combining direct and indirect costs including acquisition, on-going maintenance, servicing, fuel, and all operating expenses.

    • Single Integrated Solution

      Used by Manufacturers, Distributors and Fleet Managers, this invaluable information combines datasets into a single integrated solution.

    • Combined Datasets

      Combined data includes, vehicle specifications, service and maintenance costs, tyres, depreciation, tax, insurance and fuel

    • Key European Countries

      Available in all Key European countries and can be deployed in a multi-language and currency format.

    • Brand Customisation

      Can be customised to the customer’s own corporate identity.

    TCO features for Manufacturers and Distributors:

    • Assisted Analysis

      Assists in the analysis of all the components of whole life costs, against other products in the market.

    • Life Cycle Costs

      Allows departments to test scenarios and help shape the life cycle costs of a future vehicle.

    • Segment Comparisons

      Allows comparisons to be made across different segments e.g. premium brand vs. volume brand.

    • Key Competitors

      Allows the advantages and disadvantages of a model to be compared against key competitors.

    TCO features for Fleet Leasing & Finance Businesses:

    • Market Analysis

      Allows objective market analysis using data and information from independent sources.

    • Residual Values

      Offers transparency of residual values when comparing different models.

    • Return on Investment

      Helps to define car policy by identifying the most suitable products in terms of reliability and return on investment.

    • Brand Comparisons

      Undertakes pan-European cross brand comparisons which enables evaluation by market.

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