How do you keep up-to-date with a complex and constantly changing industry? Are you providing your teams with best tools and right level of information to ensure as a business you are aware of the regular changes to price, specifications, volumes and incentives of your own models, and those of your competitors?

Do you have access to the right information to ensure you are taking the right product to market?

Whether you’re a global HQ, local NSC or Importer do you have enough visibility of what types of vehicles consumers are purchasing?

    • New Product Development

      Build and test concepts for future vehicles to assist your new product development process

    • Option to Standards

      Ability to track when a feature moves from being an option to part of a vehicles standard fitment

    • Value Analysis

      The value analysis functionality allows you to accurately benchmark your vehicles against your own product line up and that of the competition

    • Value Proposition

      Identify opportunities in the market where you can make a better value proposition to your end customer

    • Visibility of the Market

      Visibility of the whole market, competitive positioning, marketing trends and ModelMix across any segment

    • Investigate Competitors

      Investigate competitive vehicle specifications, volumes and incentives

    • Unique Statistics

      A unique set of volume statistics including prices and specifications that allows ModelMix analysis of the market

    • Incentive Customer Value

      Enables you to compare the incentive customer value for your vehicles vs competition and any trends

    • Supporting Analysis

      Enables analysis by incentive category and type thereby supporting analysis of different types of incentives, e.g. discount, product, finance, ownership etc.

    • Historical information

      Access to valuable historical information which can be used to conduct in depth trend analysis

    • Management Reporting

      Produce your analysis on a number of charts to support your management reporting

What do we know?

Following the recent global recession Automotive Manufacturers are seeing signs of a recovery, however, the industry is still highly competitive and consumers are more savvy and demanding than ever. With shortened product lifecycles, pressure on costs, legislative demands and hunger for new technology, new vehicles and model changes need to be equipped and priced appropriately with all “what if” situations analyzed within the competitive context. Incentive packages and spend must be tracked to ensure the product portfolio is supported appropriately against the competition, and comprehensive value analysis is required to adapt pricing and availability strategies to optimize revenue.

How can JATO V4 help?

With full specification, volume and incentive analysis capability, JATO V4 is the analytical platform of choice for product planners within Automotive Manufacturers worldwide. As such, both JATO V4 and JATO’s market intelligence have become deeply ingrained in our customers’ work processes. JATO V4 allows you to analyse a wide breadth of comparable information to effectively position yourself in the current and future competitive environment.

This allows you to quickly and efficiently make informed decisions that are critical to your business. By comparing yourself against the industry average for a selected segment, or group of competitors, you can understand whether you are behind or ahead of the trend and make necessary adjustments. You can also identify and anticipate likely future trends which you can consider in your new product development process.

For more information and to find out how JATO V4 can add value to your business – please click here. We look forward to speaking to you.

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