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March 1, 2016 by Felipe Munoz

2015 Average CO2 Emissions: Citroen gained one position

Citroen 1

Citroen improved its 2015 average CO2 emissions gaining one position in the ranking and becoming the second best among the top 20 best-selling brands last year. Its volume weighted average fell from 110.8g/k in 2014 to 105.7g/km in 2015 posting one of the best annual improvements and outpacing Renault. The reduction took place when the car maker saw a 9.7% fall on its registrations in the 23 markets analysed as a consequence of negative registrations changes posted by its top-seller – the C3 – at 123,700 units (-4.4%), C4 Picasso, C4 and C3 Picasso. All of these models recorded improvements in terms of CO2 emissions with the C4 down by 6.2g/km compared with 2014 results.

The C4 Cactus became the second best-selling Citroen thanks to an outstanding 172% rise. The average CO2 emissions for this model remained unchanged at 96.9g/km. The other model to post a positive registrations growth was the C1 (+19%) and its average CO2 emissions fell 1.5g/km from 96.4g/km in 2014 to 94.9g/km in 2015, the lowest after the zero-emissions posted by the Citroen C-Zero.

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