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    13 June 2024
    Discover how the Tesla Model Y became the world’s best-selling car in 2023, leading a booming SUV market. Despite global challenges, new car sales surged, with Chinese manufacturers surpassing American brands for the first time. Explore the data and insights behind this automotive milestone.
    By Felipe Munoz
    30 May 2024
    Explore the shifting trends in Europe's automotive market with JATO Dynamics. From electric vehicles and SUVs to Chinese-made cars, discover the evolving landscape and key insights into the latest market dynamics.
    By Felipe Munoz
    25 April 2024
    Dive into the growing presence of electric hybrid cars in Europe's automotive market. From Chinese car brands to diesel-powered vehicles, explore the evolving landscape and the role of hybrid electric vehicles with insights from JATO Dynamics.
    By Team JATO
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