Helping the insurance industry understand the real risk of vehicle safety features

All ADAS and advanced safety systems are not the same. Here’s an example:

Attribute performance characteristics like autonomous emergency braking (AEB) can use short-range radars, that:

  • Decreases reaction time
  • Increases the potential for loss
  • Can create a liability of less than $200

However, there are other AEB systems using long-range radars, which:

  • Increases reaction time
  • Decreases the potential for loss
  • Can create a liability of $2,000 or more

Both are simply described as Autonomous Emergency Braking.

With over 35 years providing automotive research and intelligence into multiple industries, JATO researchers and data scientists deliver the intelligence you need in an easy-to-use, pre-curated format that makes the complex, simple; the difficult to navigate, easy; and the challenging, routine.

JATO ARRēD™ offers:

  • Highly granular and pre-curated data
  • Differentiation between marketing-led ADAS OEM terminologies and other advanced safety systems.
  • Analytics-Ready Vehicle Content and Attribute Intelligence
  • In-brand and Cross-Brand Analytics
  • Accurate “Rate to Risk” Analytics

All of this leaves JATO perfectly placed to offer a different perspective on mobility insurance. Our single source of automotive intelligence lets you accurately determine the price your customers should pay for their car insurance.

Don’t lose out on the level of scrutiny on the vehicle – JATO ARReD goes to another level of detail.

Our latest infographic shows you the simple way JATO ARReD can make this happen.


To understand more about how insurance companies are getting to grips with how emerging technologies and vehicle innovation are changing the shape of the insurance industry, read JATO’s President of North America and Head of Insurance, Matt Weiss’ latest article discussing the issues facing Insurance companies today.

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