March 1, 2016 by Felipe Munoz

Audi Q2 is here to shake B-SUV segment

Audi Q2 2The Q2 is Audi’s latest attempt to gain more share in the fastest growing segment of SUVs. With this new B-SUV the German brand wants to replicate the stories of the Q3 in the C-SUV premium segment, the Q5 in the D-SUV, and the Q7 in the large SUV segment. The new Audi Q2 will then join the B-SUV from above expanding the premium subsegment that was created by the Mini Countryman. It won’t be difficult for the new Audi to gain share in a segment that keeps growing at significant rates and demands for new players. In 2015 the B-SUV segment sales totalled 1.2 million units mainly composed by mainstream models (96%). The total was 43% higher than the results seen in 2014, becoming one of the best improvers among all segments.

The only car makers that have tried to upgrade the segment so far are Mini with its Countryman and Jeep with the Renegade (which sits one step ahead of its rivals based on its equipment and prices). Sales dropped for the Mini as the current model waits for the new-generation. The Renegade managed to increase its segment share from 0.96% in 2014 to 4.73% in 2015.

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