JATO-LMC Automotive Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast

Discover how the combination of JATO historical sales and registration intelligence with LMC Automotive vehicle sales forecasting can power your product and business planning processes.

With increasing consumer choice and fierce competition all automotive manufacturers are looking for an independent volume forecasting service, to ensure an un-biased analysis of their own, and their competitors’ future growth prospects.

Forecasting requires a high degree of specialisation and experience to generate insight that you can trust. JATO Dynamics has partnered with LMC Automotive, a long established automotive forecasting business, and leading global authority in this field. We share exactly the same values about detail and quality, factors essential to generating forecasts that will power robust decision making in your own business.

Both companies offer a level of accessibility and customer service that are unrivalled in the industry. We are always available to both add value to what we offer and to answer questions which may arise.

LMC Automotive is the leading provider of automotive production, sales and powertrain forecasts offering comprehensive and detailed sales forecasts for specific regions (Europe, North & South America, and Asia Pacific) and the global market.

    • Markets Covered

      All essential markets covered, representing over 94% of the global market

    • Independent View

      An independent, unbiased and regularly updated view of the future market

    • With Confidence

      Forecasts that can be used with a high degree of confidence, to drive business decisions

    • Understanding

      A critical aid to customers in understanding market influences and how they will impact on the forecasts

    • Consistency

      A consistent  level of detail across all markets covered

    • Global Forecast

      Global light vehicle sales forecast for 62 countries – 56 countries down to make and model, with a further 6 at country level

    • Monthly Forecasts

      Monthly forecasts over a seven year time horizon, fully updated every month

    • Cars and Commercials

      Forecast data for all passenger vehicles (including SUVs and MPVs) and light commercial vehicles up to 6 tonnes

    • Trusted Source

      Three methodologies combined to generate short- medium- and long-term forecasts

    • Quarterly reports

      Summary reports provided quarterly, offering forecast drivers as well as manufacturer, and country overviews

A Unique Solution Combining Historical Forecast Intelligence

The Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast is a data provision and reporting solution for the automotive industry that provides the essential information and analysis for automotive manufacturers. The forecast includes all segments of the passenger and light commercial vehicle sector (up to 6 tonnes) and offers a seven year time horizon. The JATO-LMC Automotive Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast provides and updates monthly forecasts by manufacturer, make, vehicle type, segment and model, covering over 94% of global sales.

The Value of Forecasting

Forecast data and the assumptions behind them are essential for marketing and product planners/managers, pricing analysts, sales campaign planners and other industry professionals to:

  • gain an independent and unbiased view of the drivers of demand and what these drivers will mean to total industry volumes in future years
  • see how these total industry volumes will be distributed across the vehicles sold in each market, regionally and globally taking account of model run-outs and new model introductions
  • understand how delays in introducing new models can have a decisive impact on volumes sold when these models come to market
  • validate key internal assumptions against those of a specialist, highly experienced and independent forecasting business
  • provide detailed authoritative information to support fast and effective business decisions
  • better understand the global success of competitors’ and comparative product positioning in both existing and new markets and segments

For more information and to find out how JATO-LMC Automotive Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast can add value to your business – please click here. We look forward to speaking to you.

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