2016 Q2 Newsletter

July 28, 2016




In April 2015 JATO Dynamics and LMC Automotive announced a new partnership to deliver a Global Light Vehicles Sales Forecasts solution, that powers planning and decision making for clients across the global automotive sector. This was created as the first joint solution which is available through our JATO Net and JATO V4 platforms allowing you to access forecast data via the web, as well as our desktop solution. Our JATO Net solution not only compliments our JATO V4 solution, it also acts as a stand-alone solution, which is important for you our customers who are used to making choices on how to access our data.

Forecast overview

JATO-LMC Automotive Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast is for all passenger and light commercial vehicles (up to 6 tonnes), and it offers a seven year time horizon. It provides monthly forecasts by manufacturer, make, and model, covering over 94% of global sales. With increasing consumer choice and fierce competition, all automotive manufacturers are looking for an independent volume forecasting service, to ensure an unbiased analysis of their own, and their competitors’ future growth prospects.

The forecasting sector has consolidated rapidly in recent years limiting your choice of global volume forecasting services. Automotive manufacturers have expressed a preference to consolidate their data suppliers, to the extent of wanting one volumes supplier that provides global coverage and detailed registrations/sales history together with forecasts. We are therefore delighted to announce that the JATO-LMC Automotive Global Light Vehicle Forecast solution is now available as regional forecasts.

Regional Forecasts

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • South America
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico

Forecasting requires a high degree of specialisation and experience to generate insight that you can trust. The improved offering is a result of regular dialogue and feedback received from our customers, indicating that more choice and flexibility was needed.

JATO Dynamics and LMC Automotive share exactly the same values about detail and quality, factors essential to generating forecasts that will power robust decision making in your own business. Both companies also offer a level of accessibility and customer service that are unrivalled in the industry and these attributes make the partnership even more valuable to clients. We are always available to both add value to what we offer and to answer questions which may arise.

If you would like to find out more information about the JATO-LMC Automotive Global Light Vehicle Forecast then click on the link provided. For information about our partnership, please visit the Our Partners page on JATO.com.