JATO’s Annual Charity Donation to UNICEF

Unicef Logo1

As you may be aware, each year JATO makes a charitable donation to UNICEF based on the number of queries directly logged by you (our clients) and subsequently amended in our database.

For 2015 we paid $5,130 to UNICEF ($1 for each query resulting in an amendment). During 2015 13,604 queries were logged across the range of JATO products and 37.7% of these queries resulted in data changes.  

UNICEF donation payments made in previous years.

2014 – We paid $5,461

2013 – We paid $5,386

2012 – We paid $4,269

2011 – We paid $3,362

We are delighted to support such a worthy cause and also pleased to see a slight decrease in the number of queries resulting in the need for a data change, especially since we are researching even more data to support your business year on year.

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