March 1, 2016 by Felipe Munoz

New Fiat Tipo HB/SW to boost Fiat position in compact segment

Fiat TipoFiat completes its Tipo compact family with the introduction of the Tipo Hatchback and Tipo SW. The two new models will join the Tipo sedan introduced in December 2015 to boost Fiat sales in the competitive compact segment. After the slow-seller Bravo, the Italian car maker is back with three different bodytypes with three different targets. The sedan version targets Turkish and Eastern European markets, while the Hatchback and SW will find the majority of their clients in Italy and some Western European countries. The new model should hit the segment from below pointing at rivals such as the Hyundai i30 or the Kia Cee’d.

Last year total compact segment sales grew by 5.8% to 2.93 million units composed by mainstream and premium models (22.4% of the total). A big majority of the best-selling mainstream compacts posted a positive change with the Golf ranking first with 23% segment share and 2% sales rise. The Hyundai i30 sales grew by 9% counting for 4% of the segment at 9th place. It was followed by the Kia Cee’d with sales down by 2% and 3.3% segment share.

Italy will represent an important market for the new Fiat compact. However in the ranking by countries, Italy came at fifth place after Spain with only 6.4% of the mainstream compact sales in Europe in 2015. The Tipo HB and Tipo SW will find a place in the Italian compact segment based on last year’s results by bodytype: 60% of all the compacts sold in Italy were Hatchback and 36% were SW, leaving the rest to the sedan and coupe, convertibles.

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