MobileAre you one of the 4,500 industry professionals reading JATO News? Have you had over 400 articles* delivered straight to your inbox so far in 2014? Articles that you picked personally on the product and market events most important to you?

If so we are delighted to inform you that we have recently launched the latest version of JATO News. This upgrade will make your visit to the site a quicker, easier and more productive experience as the latest architecture brings performance benefits. It also allows you to access JATO News from any popular browser and mobile or tablet device.

JATO News delivers industry news on the automotive events that directly affect the products most important to you, tailored through News-by-email direct to your inbox, to ensure you can react to market events with the correct response, as efficiently as possible. It is a global, unique offering, and as with all JATO solutions it delivers high quality information, with extensive country coverage.

The benefits and features within the latest version JATO News are as follows:

  • For the first time JATO News can be easily accessed on tablets or mobiles through most popular browsers, from wherever you require access
  • Latest web-technology means faster browsing and less time wasted
  • A more powerful search capability allows you to tap into JATO’s extensive archive of product developments within the automotive industry
  • Crisper, cleaner presentation of information makes it easier to access the data faster from more devices

As a reminder other key benefits of JATO News include:

  • Market events delivered in real-time, daily, weekly to meet needs of your working schedule
  • Ability to customise content direct to your inbox
  • Over 10 years of specs history for major markets, coupled to a powerful search engine to identify important trends
  • JATO News allows you to link directly to specifications for effective analysis of full data
  • Ability to rapidly react to competitor activities and respond with your own market strategy

Did you know we offer online JATO News training through our JATO Academy? This focuses on the knowledge and skills of our JATO Net solution, which delivers JATO News, and introduces you to the key features and benefits. If you are interested in registering for this course please make an enquiry at jato.academy@jato.com.

In the meantime if you need further information or have any questions regarding JATO News, please do not hesitate to get in contact with your local JATO support person or click here to make an enquiry.

*Average number of articles received by users so far in 2014.

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