March 1, 2016 by Felipe Munoz

New Renault Scenic to regain the pole position

Renault ScenicWith the new Scenic Renault wants to regain its first position within the compact MPV segment. The new model features a modern and trendy design following the body language started with its larger sister – the Renault Espace. In 2015 the sales of the current Scenic fell by 6% in a segment that was shake by the arrival of the new BMW 2-Series Active (+448%), and the new Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan (+65%). The Renault occupied the fourth place in the compact MPV ranking with 8.5% segment share behind the Volkswagen, the Mercedes B-Class and the VW Touran. Overall segment registrations grew by only 4% due to decreasing volumes posted by the big players, and by the fact that SUV rising sales have had a negative impact on MPV demand. Despite this scenario, Renault wants to replicate the recent success achieved by its new Espace, which during January 2016 was able to increase its registrations by 1671% in Europe-29, with 13% segment share.

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