Do you remember the last time you needed to look for information on specifications and discounts? How easy was it to source and did you find what you were looking for? Our research tells us that finding and comparing specifications and discounts is time consuming and difficult.

Does this scenario sound familiar?
It’s your tractor price list revision period…
• Local and corporate management discuss all the adjusting factors
• Some competitive analysis is done on a few key models depending on current competitor price list availability
• The manual data gathering is slow and analysis becomes theoretical when adjusting for value analysis
• Model mix and options are difficult to compare

Broad brush inflation is the result as time runs out to look at any detail
In order for you to keep one step ahead of your competition, the ability for you understand what is happening in the market is crucial, and allows you to position your model range profitably.

Therefore, being able to demonstrate your decisions are based on a robust research and analysis process allows you to:

• Improve your lifecycle management process and your products become competitive and gain marketing share
• Availability of sufficient information results in informed decision making saving time and budget
• Accurate information to help ensure your products fit for purpose
• Help support your new model lifecycle development

Our Agriculture Manufacturer customers are able to compare discounts on ‘real’, specification adjusted vehicles to arrive at a Dealer Net Net price they can trust - “Well sourced, well organised and reliable”

Why Agricultural Manufacturers choose JATO

Our customers frequently come to us to help them compare discounts on ‘real’, specification adjusted vehicles to arrive at a Dealer Net Net price they can trust, which is well sourced, well organised and reliable.

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