The E-Pace is another product designed to help Jaguar continue its global expansion and it has everything it needs to succeed and bring new clients to Jaguar. It is an SUV, it is affordable, it is premium and it features the British touch. If the F-Pace is already doing very well, the E-Pace will surely be a success too.


Through the E Pace, Jaguar hits the premium C-SUV segment with a beautiful product that can easily beat the aged Mercedes GLA or the Audi Q3. The segment’s latest results show that only the new comers are gaining share (the BMW X1). Therefore, the E-Pace comes at the perfect time, just when the market boom continues, but the alternatives are not convincing enough.


Of course, the E-Pace will also face the arrival of the all-new Q3 and the new Volvo XC40 that should hit the market next year. More SUVs is the formula for growth though, and Jaguar knows it.