The pickup is another unexplored segment that Mercedes wants to conquer. We haven’t seen any premium pickup’s yet, but the X-Class is the first attempt to prove that the premium touch can work in such a vehicle. Even if it is a pickup, the new X-Class has many similar features to its SUV brothers. Its front is aggressive and sporty, and the interior looks almost as fancy as the rest of Mercedes range.


The pick-up segment market is not easy at all. It has been historically dominated by the Japanese brands and Ford. However, there is room for more and the segment in Europe should continue to grow. Despite the fact that they are mostly used for work, car manufacturers are making an effort to give pick-up’s cooler designs, with more aggressive shapes that resemble the designs seen in some successful SUVs.


Nevertheless, the X-Class will face several challenges in Europe: the segment doesn’t enjoy the market share seen in the USA, Brazil or South East Asia, as Europeans continue to associate pickups as work vehicles. Likewise, Europeans demands smaller cars, and pickups definitely aren’t small.