The Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Testing Procedure (WLTP) mandates that you must share WLTP values for every new vehicle you offer.

JATO WLTP Link is the only WLTP solution covering 48 brands across 32 countries.

Navigating WLTP and your new road ahead

WLTP is the new standard for CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. The amount of data is immense and ever-changing.

Businesses involved in selling new vehicles need access to WLTP values. And they need this data in a format that is usable, understandable and shareable.

Your single source for WLTP values covering 48 brands across 32 countries.

JATO WLTP Link offers one access point for WLTP values across multiple automotive brands.

Our solution goes beyond secure, accurate data – JATO offers an easy user experience, extensive developer support and insightful monitoring tools.

Businesses across the automotive industry spectrum benefit from JATO WLTP Link.

    • Instant WLTP values 

      Real-time WLTP values from manufacturers worldwide. 

    • Easy to use 

      Simply configure a car then press a WLTP button. Or configure your system to automatically add WLTP values. 

    • Meet a budget

      Configure and compare vehicles to fit any budget with accurate WLTP values. 

    • Accurate quotes & car labels 

      Provide compliant quotes and car labels for 48 vehicle brands. 

    • Meet car policy guidelines

      Assure car policy compliance, remove cancellation risks and provide accurate leasing rates. 

    • Predict total acquisition costs

      Reveal hidden costs like registration, road, and benefit in kind taxes. 

    • Single access point

      A single point of access to manufacturers globally. 

    • One simple data format

      Translates data from each manufacturer into one consistent data format for all countries to make integration easy. 

    • Customer portal

      The portal has helpful information and working examples to get developers up and running quickly. 

    • Usage monitoring

      There are a number of usage tools to help Operations Managers monitor and optimise system usage. 

    • Local technical support

      Delivered in your time zone and in your local language. 

“Adding WLTP has been one of the most complex changes in our software
in the last 10 years. Looking back we can say that we are very happy
to partner with JATO to get a WLTP solution out to all our customers.”

Michel Tychon, Director Innovation and Software Development
UnameIT, a leading provider of CRM and Sales Management Software


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For more information on how JATO WLTP Link can help your business, please email us at wltp@jato.com, or visit our WLTP Hub.



Visit our WLTP Hub for more information and downloads.