Monthly Payments

Data insights that drive competitive product pricing and positioning

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Monthly Payments is the future of benchmarking vehicle finance offers. Extensive, compliant, reliable, and timely data that allows you to compare vehicles the way your customers do.

With Monthly Payments, you can:

  • monitor and identify regional trends, forecast demand
  • understand your local pricing landscape
  • monitor and identify regional buying trends
  • access live data in a fast-changing and highly competitive environment.

Compiled by expert researchers with the help of industry-leading technology, Monthly Payments arms you with up-to-date insights and supports business-critical decisions on product, value propositions, and benchmarking.


Introducing value analysis for automotive finance

As an automotive professional, you know that value analysis is crucial. By accurately benchmarking the value of your product offering against your competition, you are able to evaluate vehicle specification options in the same way your customers do.

JATO value analysis with Monthly Payments data helps your decision making across key business areas:

Value optimisation – differentiate your products from your competitors and enhance its perceived value

Customer satisfaction – improve the positioning of your product in your relevant market segment

Business success – improve performance of your product portfolio by optimising your offer and growing your market share

Continuous improvement – regularly evaluate your product offering. Analyse the value of each component and deliver vehicles in line with evolving customer needs and market trends

    • Easy Analysis

      Easily analyse consumer monthly payments

    • Integration

      Seamlessly linked with other JATO solutions

    • Coverage

      Top 5 European markets covered

    • Payment Tracking

      Main payment types tracked in given markets

    • Optimisation

      Data structure optimised for quick comparisons

    • Current Trends

      Understand the latest trends in pricing

    • Latest Data

      Inform pricing strategies using up-to-date monthly payment data

    • Time saved

      Save time on own manual, isolated, ad hoc data research

    • JATO Assurance

      Have confidence in competitive pricing and position

    • Expert lead

      Experts on-hand to collect, curate and interpret the data for you

Ensure your insights give you the full picture of the market and support decision making for a new generation of drivers.




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    Monthly Payments

    Car buyers move to monthly payments.


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