The Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedures, or WLTP, is the new methodology designed to offer transparent data for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions measurement, heralding a seismic shift in the way CO2 emissions source data is collected.

The impacts of the new procedure are far-reaching and fundamental to the existing ways that the automotive industry, and particularly LSPs, do business. LSPs will now need to ensure that the WLTP CO2 emissions and fuel consumption data for every configured vehicle is correct in order to support the sales process.

For LSPs, WLTP poses extensive challenges. WLTP requires emissions data for every car that is configured, enabling accurate calculation of customer tax charges in countries where taxation will be based on WLTP CO2 emissions or fuel consumption. At JATO we have listened to our customers and recognised the need for a fast, user-friendly system, providing a single point for retrieving and extracting data from multiple data streams and from multiple OEMs.

The JATO Solution
JATO have ensured that LSPs can continue to do business in a WLTP world. WLTP data provided by OEMs offers a complex challenge, as each value will differ depending on exact model and specification. JATO aggregates this information before providing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption data to LSPs without requiring any change in the current systems. This will include supporting the effect on potential future vehicle purchasing or ownership tax if and when it is based on WLTP CO2 emissions, or fuel consumption for a country.

Our WLTP solution is global and covers all EU markets currently served by JATO in terms of vehicle specifications. This covers most of the volumes registered in Europe, providing LSPs the most comprehensive level of WLTP data coverage.

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    • One API

      No increase in operational burden that would be caused by integrating with multiple OEMs systems

    • Single Solution

      No need for new systems as you grow. The JATO Service will scale alongside your business

    • Transparency

      Allows LSPs and their customers to make accurate and informed decisions

    • Global

      The JATO WLTP solution is global and covers all EU markets currently served by JATO in terms of vehicle specifications

    • JATO Tax Service

      Enables options to be added and removed, and the effect on vehicle price, including tax, to be calculated ‘Live’

    • One API

      A single point of access, with standardised input and output format to get WLTP data for any OEM in the market

    • Faster Response

      Response handling, and result messaging and caching, for quicker response time, in line with OEMs cache expiry policy

    • System Auditing

      Scalable, asynchronous and developer-friendly integration.

    • Single point of access

      Our solution is designed to be a hub, offering transparency for LSPs and their customers

    • JATO Tax Service

      Enabling LSPs to have accurate vehicle pricing including tax within their sales systems, meaning LSPs do not have to build their own solution

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