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Tesla Model Y to be crowned world’s best-selling vehicle of 2023

  • Tesla Model Y knocks Toyota off the top spot, preliminary JATO data suggests*
  • Results mark the first time an electric vehicle is set to top the global ranking


Tesla is on course to take the crown for the world’s best-selling vehicle in 2023, with the Model Y securing the top spot across the majority of global markets. Despite only being founded in 2003, the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer has sparked a seismic shift in the automotive landscape, creating an electric model that has outperformed its counterparts and broken records to become the first EV to lead the global market.

While a small number of markets are yet to release their sales figures for 2023, preliminary data* collected by JATO Dynamics indicates that the Model Y is in an unassailable position, with 1.23 million units sold between January and December 2023 – marking a 64% increase year-on-year.

Felipe Munoz, Global Analyst at JATO Dynamics, commented: “The increase in global sales of the Model Y is unprecedented, particularly for a vehicle in the top ten best-sellers. What Tesla has been able to achieve with the Model Y in such a short space of time is simply remarkable.”


The Model Y led the way for sales in both Europe and China, the world’s two largest EV markets. According to data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), more than 456,000 units were shipped  China in 2023 – marking an increase of 45% from 2022. In Europe, registrations of the Model Y soared above consistently high performers such as the Dacia Sandero, Peugeot 208, and Volkswagen T-Roc. Data from 30 markets shows that more than 255,000 units of the Model Y were registered – this being 19,000 units more than the second most popular vehicle, the Dacia Sandero.

Munoz added: “The average retail price of a Tesla Model Y in November 2023 was 18% and 23% lower than the average cost of an EV in Germany and USA respectively. The price cuts over the course of the year combined with Tesla’s reputation as a reliable and competitive EV manufacturer, helped to fuel already high demand. As a result, Tesla is front of mind for many consumers looking to purchase an EV.”

Official deliveries data from Tesla also shows that the Model Y accounted for two in three deliveries by the OEM in 2023.


Toyota dethroned

According to the preliminary data, 2023 will mark the end of Toyota’s top position in the model ranking, with the RAV4 and Corolla having led the global rankings in recent years. Munoz, continued: “Toyota has a strong presence worldwide, with the RAV4 (an SUV) and the Corolla (a compact car) making the brand attractive with a diverse offering. However, both models lack pure electric options, with only offer hybrid alternatives. While Toyota still experienced a strong year in 2023, the RAV4 and Corolla are simply unable to compete in the electric car market, which is becoming increasingly established and important across Europe and China.”


Despite this, the second best-selling vehicle in 2023 is set to be the Toyota RAV4, with 1.07 million units currently sold globally – up from 1.02 million units in 2022, when it led the global market. With all body-types included, Toyota’s Corolla occupied third place in the rankings, according to the preliminary data.


Notes to Editors

*The data accounts global light vehicle sales in 2023, with all larger markets covered (including the US, Europe, China, and India). Remaining market data will be published during Q2 2024.

The data has been collated from North America, Europe, China, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, Philippines. Also included is data from the largest markets in Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay), and some in Southeast Asia (Indonesia and Vietnam). Figures for the Middle East (Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Yemen), North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia), Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Singapore, and Pakistan are preliminary, with forecasts of December 2023 based on existing data.


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