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ADAS Technology: The True Impact

As the pace of ADAS technology increases, the reliance by U.S. insurers on having sufficient data to validate auto industry promises of safety benefits is at an all-time high. And it is only going to continue with the ongoing advancements of autonomous vehicles.

As the global leader in automotive insights, JATO’s solution to this demanding challenge is the ADAS Index, a new insight solution for the automotive insurance market, setting out to de-risk and add transparency on vehicle safety features to aid insurance companies to create more comprehensive and tailored solutions for their customers.

This solution is built for automotive insurance companies to understand and quantify the impact and safety benefits of the emerging automotive safety equipment and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) in the marketplace.

  • Eliminate Rating Errors

    Help Insurance companies understand and measure the implications of emerging technologies on vehicle safety; Eliminating rating errors that erode profitability and create the need for higher premiums that potentially attenuate market share

  • Validate Vehicle Safety

    Validate vehicle safety equipment and ADAS insights for the auto insurance industry and offer the industry the first ever in-depth data overcoming the confusing and non-specific OEM marketing terminologies

  • Curated and Targeted Data

    Offer the industry leading a curated and targeted data-driven platform that enables vehicle-by-vehicle analytics and also enabling vehicle and brand comparisons

  • Data and Analysis

    Provide data and analytics delivered in a normalized and consistent manner across the market and for all brands

  • Safety and Risk

    Support the analysis of safety and risk, and risk mitigation associated with the availability of safety equipment and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, vehicle-by-vehicle

JATO Insurance – ADAS Index was created after months of in depth research and over nearly 4 decades of working with vehicle manufacturers, understanding their needs around safety and technological advancements.

JATO is excited to work with automotive insurance companies to address the implications of emerging safety technologies.  We are able to offer impactful and actionable insights to a traditional industry to understand the implications of safety-assisting vehicle content, as well as the introduction of artificial intelligence and autonomy to vehicles.

The lack of data and insights in this area has been estimated to cost insurance companies more than $500,000,000 USA in 2018.1
Mitchell Industry Trends Report Q13 2018​x

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