Incentives in France

The objective of the current report is to provide a general insight into the French market evolution from an incentive perspective over a time span of 4 years (2011-2014). This time span covers the most recent crisis in the automobile industry which reached its cyclical bottom in the year 2013, as well as the start of recovery since 2014.

The report starts from preliminary discoveries of the monthly vehicle registrations and correlate them with retail price changes as well as incentive value changes. Then incentives are dissected by categories and by segments as well as by different brands.

A competitive analysis is also carried out for different makes, and finally a comparison between a special French-brand panel and an ‘all-generalist-brand’ panel is applied to reflect the specificity of the French market. The report serves as the first issue of the incentive research reports and defines future research directions in detailed incentives subjects.

The report uses integrally JATO data in terms of vehicle registration, retail price, and incentive value. The methodology choice of JATO research might potentially bring about differences of perspective in the way data are classified and interpreted for readings adopting other research methodologies, which needs to be duly notified in advance.

Incentives values are weighted with mix and take rates.

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