Our Heritage

How we respond to the challenges of transparent information, near instantaneous communication and personalised knowledge solutions will shape our direction and success for years to come.

JATO’s story begins in the early/mid 80’s when the automotive industry had reached a crucial phase in its global development, today JATO is a market-leading business with operations in dozens of countries worldwide, where providing automotive market intelligence and creating insight is now one of the company’s key strengths.

The start was our first order from PSA, for a year’s worth of research and data collection in eight different European countries. This gave the business the momentum and enabled JATO to establish the processes and capabilities that are the nature of our success and are still in place today.

In these early years, JATO established a practice of pursuing primary rather than secondary research techniques, which is the foundation of our reputation today for accurate, timely and complete data.

With these fundamentals in place, the business began to grow rapidly.  There was an appetite in the industry for accurate, easy-to-use information as it supported key decisions and had the potential to give OEMs the possibility to develop their competitive edge. JATO represented the beginning of a new market-knowledge offering for the automotive sector.

In the early 1990s, JATO invested in technology for field researchers and this additional support helped ensure the quality of information and data we received was second to none. The final measure of everything we do has always been our ability to deliver to and support the OEMs. By this measure, both our territorial growth and our technological advancements have been huge successes.

From the outset, JATO has been a business with an international footprint, with the first full-time employee being based in Italy. International expansion and cross-border working accelerated quickly and now with insight into over 50 overseas markets, our customers rely on our industry experience, knowledge and analysis to help them make informed decisions.

The development of digital technologies and access to information has transformed knowledge beyond anything that could have been anticipated 30 years ago. Today, JATO is reshaping consumer and business behaviours and placing increasing opportunities to companies to obtain real-time, personalised information solutions.

In December 2019 we achieved Gold accreditation with Investors in People, recognising our continued development in our team.

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