Our Research Philosophy

JATO’s research organization is the cornerstone to the success of the organisation and is the foundation of all our products and services.

Our levels of accuracy are appreciated by some of the largest organisations in the automotive industry across Manufacturing, Retailing, Leasing, Component Suppliers and Agriculture.
  • Accuracy

    Ensuring up-to-date and precise market information

  • Timeliness

    Responding promptly to market events

  • Completeness

    Acquiring and presenting all the information customers require

As the automotive industry changes our research techniques and solutions evolve at the same time to meet the demands of our customers. Whether it is current or historical information you are looking for, you can be confident you will be using the most comprehensive, accurate and validated data in the world.

We pride ourselves on our ability to recruit research personnel local to the country in which we operate, which gives us the opportunity to build close contacts with local manufacturers and importers. This allows us to react quickly and efficiently to local news and changes in the market.

To ensure we meet the needs of our customers all newly recruited researchers undergo a rigorous training programme and are continually assessed. Our internal quality assurance process and commitment, via our standard level agreements, ensures the team are consistent across the world in fulfilling those customer needs.

For more information and to discover how JATO’s accurate information can benefit and add value to your business, please contact JATO Dynamics.

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