JATO FLEX, a cloud-based API/UI, is designed to be a central data hub for OEMs, digital marketers and dealers, combining vehicle specifications, pricing and incentive information across a comprehensive range of manufacturers, providing an unparalleled view of the automotive market landscape.

US & Canadian-based OEMs, digital marketers and dealers, have a broad range of data needs for vehicle specifications, VIN decoding and manufacturer incentives. Our clients advised that an all-inclusive solution that’s easy-to-program and easy to integrate would be ideal.

What do we know?

JATO FLEX was created to address the need for a central vehicle data hub for OEMs, digital marketers and dealers. The modular cloud-based platform provides a robust, in-depth vehicle specifications and incentives library across all makes, empowering you to compare vehicles against market competitors, and/or access competitive, stackable targeted incentives and rebates. FLEX seamlessly integrates pricing, incentive and specification data with your existing interface, and is 100% customizable.

We at JATO recognize the need for a lightning-fast, user-friendly system to provide a single point of retrieving and extracting both competitor and own-brand vehicle data.

FLEX delivery mechanisms are through a data feed, application programming interface (API) or through a user-friendly web app. Data feed delivery is available for download via FTP in MS SQL Server Backup files or text files for non-SQL users. Created by Developers, for developers, FLEX’s RESTful API environment seamlessly connects real-time, up-to-the-minute JATO research data, and updates hourly to your applications.

    • Always Up-to-Date

      Up-to-date vehicle specs and incentives backed up by JATO’s research SLA

    • API Available

      Easy to navigate API using hypermedia links, with no other documentation needed

    • Platform Independent

      We offer samples in eight programming languages

    • Historical Records

      Access to over 700 attributes per vehicle for all vehicles back to model year 1995

    • Regional Specs and Incentives

      Categorised by zip/ postal code

    • Build and Price with Option Logic

      Provides the user the ability to build and price a vehicle from scratch – great for the online vehicle selection process.

    • Incentives Best Offer

      Provides the best available incentive package across lease, cash and finance offers for selected vehicles – compelling for prospecting and sales.

    • The FLEX engine

      Once an incentive is chosen, the FLEX engine will re-evaluate other offers to see if they stack

    • Reduced Development Time

      Less time needed for configurator and comparator applications

    • Plug and Play

      FLEX makes mapping to other data sources easy

    • Reduced Integration Time

      We can create new endpoints based upon customer feedback, a shift in market demand or additional JATO data sets

    • Speed and Performance Assured

      Via Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform

    • Incentive Visibility

      Quickly retrieve availability of national and regional incentives by vehicle in real time

    • Daily Updates

      Meaning you always have access to the latest information



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