JATO Volumes

How do you keep up-to-date with a complex and constantly changing industry? Are you providing your teams with best tools and right level of information to ensure as a business you are in a position to react to trends in the market?

Do you have access to the right information to ensure you are taking the right product to market? Whether you’re a global HQ, local NSC or Importer do you have enough visibility of what types of vehicles consumers are purchasing?

    • Competitor Changes

      Be in a position to react to competitors actions from pricing and incentive changes

    • Planning & Positioning

      Help support and improve your product planning and positioning

    • Correct Specification

      Ensure you are delivering the correct specification to meet the needs of your customers

    • Market Dynamics

      Provide you with the ability to understand the market dynamics from different perspectives

    • The Right Strategy

      Help decide and build the right strategy to tackle the global automotive market place

    • Global Forecast

      Global light vehicle sales forecast for 62 countries – 56 countries down to make and model, with a further 6 at country level

    • Analyse Sales

      Analyse the sales of competitor vehicles and understand market trends

    • Detailed Analysis

      Access to a unique set of volumes statistics including prices that allows quality detailed analysis of the marketplace

    • Historical Information

      Access to valuable historical information which can be used to conduct in depth trend analysis

    • Management Reporting

      Produce your analysis on a number of charts to support your management reporting

    • Visulise yoiur Performance

      Visibility of the whole market and competitive positioning to analyse how you are performing against other brands

What do we know?

The global automotive industry is constantly changing and delivers unprecedented levels of customer value. Vehicles are vastly superior and more reliable and packed with standard features that a few years ago you would of have to purchase as an option.

Global competition is even more demanding with the introduction of new models and new segments as the needs of customers change. Therefore the need for up-to-date accurate and timely information gives manufacturers the base to make their informed decisions.

How can JATO Volumes help?

JATO delivers volume information via three unique solutions JATO Net, this solution provides a company wide information source to deliver the latest photos, news, new specifications and volumes direct to the user base. JATO V5 is a product and sales volume planning solution to give instant decision making power to your business. JATO Analysis and Reports our consulting solution for any automotive reporting needs your Organisation may have.

Using JATO Volumes allows our customers to build the required strategy to tackle the global automotive market place.

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