How do you go about managing your internal business processes more effectively? How do you ensure you are ordering the correct vehicles thus cutting down the number of errors?

The complex nature of the automotive industry combined with shifting customer needs and improved knowledge is placing new demands on this sector.Are you in control and up-to-date with the frequent manufacturers changes to model variations to specifications and prices?

So what will give your customer’s confidence that you are ordering the correct vehicle ordered? The cost of incorrect information to your business can be the difference between positive or negative growth. The nature of the market makes it difficult to keep up-to-date with all the latest changes to vehicles and therefore takes resources away from other critical areas of the business.

So now it’s down to your sales and marketing advisors… Are they best placed to advise on the right vehicles best suited the needs of the customer? How do they build their vehicle knowledge that would build trust and confidence? Having the current information to hand ensures customer satisfaction and reduces errors. Are they in a position to show comparisons of vehicles to promote the vehicles which offer the greatest return?

Being able to demonstrate essential product knowledge is a key sales advantage. It gives the customer confidence when signing the order, the correct vehicle specification requested will be ordered.

Why Fleet and Leasing companies choose JATO

Our customers frequently come to us to help them provide quality and accurate specifications information for cars and LCVs. Our portfolio of solutions for Fleet and Leasing companies can provide the intelligence required to help retain the customer experience and reduce the cost of data and errors.

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