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How do you analyse and compare your vehicles with your competitors? Do you know who your key competitors are? There is a myriad of options and incentives, how do you ensure you have the right specification for your vehicles? The way consumers buy cars has changed, how do you keep your dealer sales people up-to-date with the latest information?

If there’s one thing that makes buying or selling a car straightforward, it’s information. More specifically, information that allows you to choose a car by comparing individual makes and models. That’s where Carspecs can help.

What does this mean?

Customers face an overwhelming choice of vehicles and incentives, from manufacturers and dealers all competing for the same business. With new ways of purchasing a car, from car retailing operations to specialist online buying websites, customers now have greater access to information than ever before.

The constant development of new models, segments and technology from manufacturers is daunting. Dealer sales staff often struggle to keep up-to-date with the latest facts and can be caught out when challenged by a customer.

    • Model comparison

      Ability to choose a car by comparing individual models brand and their benefits

    • Key advantages

      Clearly demonstrates your vehicles key advantages over the competition

    • Daily updates

      You will receive daily updates with our latest researched information whether it be for specifications, options, price or incentives

    • Enhanced knowledge

      Enhances product knowledge for your own brand and competitor makes and models

    • Key feature

      Design and language tailored to you own needs, giving you the ability to promote your key features in your preferred format

    • Fully customisable

      Fully customisable with the ability to integrate into your existing systems and match your corporate identity; including local language and currency

    • Vehicle configuration

      Ability to configure your chosen vehicle to the exact specification including options

    • Optional advantages

      Build in options to display optional advantages of one vehicle over the competition

    • Competitive strengths

      Equip you benchmark vehicle to a competitor vehicle and see the adjusted value – highlighting competitive strengths

    • Online promotion

      Display your showroom brochure online to promote your  key features

    • Industry terminology

      Compare multiple vehicles using the same terminology

    • Training support

      You can use the functionality  to support your internal or dealer training programme

How can Carspecs help?

The Carspecs solution helps shift the balance of power back into the hands of the car retailer by empowering them with key information on their vehicles as well as the competition.

Carspecs is a unique vehicle comparison and configuration solution which enables you to see comprehensively the advantages of one vehicle against another. By moving the sales conversation to advantages and benefits, dealers and manufacturers can use  Carspecs to demonstrate why a consumer should purchase their vehicle over one of their competitors.

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