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    Automakers and suppliers to the automotive industry face unprecedented challenges as technology and consumer requirements continue to evolve rapidly. The increasing complexity of vehicles, as well as trends such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving, require a robust understanding of markets, competitors and vehicles, underpinned by trusted business intelligence.

    We collect, curate and interpret data from sources across key markets to help you stay ahead, strengthen strategies and make more informed decisions.

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    Global automotive solutions

    Our comparison and analysis tools are designed to help businesses with automotive product development, positioning and pricing. Our expertise helps businesses drive resilience and competitiveness.

    We offer a comprehensive, global overview covering more than 50 countries and thousands of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. By leveraging data and business intelligence solutions, automakers and component suppliers are able to evaluate market trends, optimise production processes and inform decision making.

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    We work closely with automakers to help them meet their business goals

    Nov 6, 2023 10:44:27 AM
    JATO Podcast | Episode 4 | An interview with Polestar: the challenges and opportunities of introducing a new brand into Europe
    An interview with Alexander Lutz, managing director of Polestar Italy. Learn how the brand succeeded in a crowded market, new products in development, and thoughts on an all-electric future.

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