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    Vehicle leasing and fleet management companies are navigating a transformative period in the automotive industry. As the uptake of electric vehicles, and trends such as shared mobility and subscriptions continue to grow, businesses must adapt quickly.


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    Business intelligence solutions play a significant role in helping leasing and fleet companies overcome challenges and enable strategic decision-making. The right data and insights can optimise operations and efficiency, enabling businesses to tailor their offering to meet customer demands.

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    25 April 2024
    Dive into the growing presence of electric hybrid cars in Europe's automotive market. From Chinese car brands to diesel-powered vehicles, explore the evolving landscape and the role of hybrid electric vehicles with insights from JATO Dynamics.
    By Team JATO
    28 March 2024
    Cars made in China accounted for one in five BEV registrations in February and January-February. The registrations of all the cars made in China saw the highest levels of year-on-year growth last month (+45%) and in January-February (+43%). By comparison, the registrations of cars made in Germany and Spain – the second and third most popular origins – saw increases of 6% each during February.
    By Felipe Munoz
    20 March 2024
    Discover the power of AutoGrab and JATO's strategic partnership, delivering robust vehicle information insights for the global automotive market. Learn how this partnership delivers comprehensive data for the used car market, unlocking valuable insights to drive informed decisions.
    By Team JATO
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