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    The dynamics of car buying is evolving, with consumers increasingly moving away from purchasing outright. Now, monthly affordability is often considered more important than the list price in decision-making.

    Our Monthly Payments solution delivers insights into these shifting consumer behaviours. By leveraging data specifically focused on finance offers OEMs and NSCs are able to refine their product positioning and inform strategic business decisions.

    The next generation of value analysis


    Value analysis for Monthly Payments allows OEMs to optimise the value of their products and better align their offering with evolving consumer preferences and changing market trends.  
    Delivered as a structured report, it enables you to compare a 'basket' of individual vehicles based on their topline total contract cost, as well as individual product and service differentiators, including adjustments made for market incentives and subsidies.  
    With these insights, you can understand the value of each individual component of your vehicle and finance offer and compare the overall package like-for-like with your competition.

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