JATO Payment Policy

    JATO Dynamics Ltd

    Supplier Payment Policy & Process



    This policy and process covers payments by JATO Dynamics Ltd to its suppliers.


    1. The standard payment terms of JATO Dynamics Ltd are 30 days from date of invoice
    2. On occasion JATO Dynamics Ltd may negotiate longer payment terms with specific suppliers.  These payment terms will not be longer than 60 days from date of invoice
    1. Invoices should be submitted via email to Finance.AccountsPayable@www.jato.com with a copy to the supplier’s main JATO contact
    2. Invoices must quote JATO’s order number and where relevant the supplier’s VAT number.  Failure to comply with these requirements may result in payments being delayed
    3. If JATO disputes a submitted invoice in whole or in part, JATO will notify the supplier of the dispute within a reasonable time. The supplier should discuss the dispute with the supplier’s main JATO contact, and if the dispute cannot be resolved between the supplier and the supplier’s main JATO contact within 14 days, the supplier may escalate the dispute to Finance.APescalation@www.jato.com