A complete view of global vehicle registration volumes

    JATO Volumes offers comprehensive data on vehicle sales registrations in over 40 markets globally, providing insights into fuel types, powertrains, and pricing. The data can be tailored to your specific needs, offering varying levels of detail.

    JATO Volumes is used extensively by global OEMs to enhance sales forecasts, optimise inventory management, and inform promotional and tactical decisions based on changing market conditions.

    Nowcasting: Get volumes with forecast data



    Volumes with Nowcasting is based on a partnership which combines JATO’s vehicle specifications and historical sales data with S&P’s market leading short-term forecast data.

    Businesses can view sales volumes in the current and upcoming month, providing an ‘always on’ view of the automotive landscape.  


    Identify sales trends.
    Monitor market size.
    Forecast growth.

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    27 June 2024
    European BEV demand fell 11% in May, with 19% of registrations from China. MG outsold Tesla despite losing ground. JATO Dynamics reports a 2.5% decline in new car registrations compared to last year, highlighting opportunities for Chinese OEMs in Europe amid high BEV prices and upcoming tariffs.
    By Felipe Munoz
    13 June 2024
    Explore the Tesla Model Y's rise to the world's best-selling car of 2023. Learn from JATO Dynamics data about this electric SUV and its impact on the automotive industry.
    By Felipe Munoz
    30 May 2024
    Explore the shifting trends in Europe's automotive market with JATO Dynamics. From electric vehicles and SUVs to Chinese-made cars, discover the evolving landscape and key insights into the latest market dynamics.
    By Felipe Munoz

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