JATO Anti-Bribery

JATO Dynamics Limited is committed to carrying out its business activities fairly, honestly, openly and with integrity. We do not tolerate bribery and we expect all third parties with whom we do business to do the same. We conduct due diligence as necessary to ensure we do not work with third parties whose standards in relation to bribery could compromise our reputation.

The Company’s Anti-Bribery Policy prohibits all forms of bribery. It applies to all our agents, employees, service providers, contractors, consultants and agency workers, irrespective of their location, function, role or standing within JATO.

The Board is committed to implementing and enforcing effective procedures to prevent, monitor and eliminate bribery and ensure compliance with the Bribery Act 2010. A nominated senior leader (the ‘Compliance Officer’) is responsible for the implementation, effective operation and regular review of JATO’s Anti-Bribery policy and procedures.

Please click here to access JATO’s Anti-Bribery policy. If you have any concerns or suspicions that JATO, or any of its employees, service providers, agents, contractors, consultants, trading partners, suppliers or customers may have behaved in a way which is in breach of the Bribery Act 2010, or JATO’s Anti-Bribery policy, please contact The Compliance Officer, by emailing compliance.officer@www.jato.com.

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