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    Carspecs is a secure, flexible and continuously updated data delivery solution for businesses in the automotive industry. Powered by our comprehensive Specifications data, it provides a single point of delivery for all vehicle data, eliminating the need to connect your website to multiple data sources.

    How does an API work? 


    An Application Programming Interface (or API) is a delivery mechanism for data. Using a set of software rules and logic, it enables two pieces of software to connect, communicate and share data with each other. 

    API integrations allow data to be automatically updated. They’re commonly used on websites, apps and devices to facilitate seamless connectivity and smooth digital experiences. 

    JATO's Carspecs API solutions allow businesses in the automotive industry to power their digital platforms with accurate vehicle data. When someone interacts with an application linked to an API, it sends a request for automotive data, our API retrieves the most up-to-date information and returns it to your application to be shown on your page or system. 



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    27 June 2024
    European BEV demand fell 11% in May, with 19% of registrations from China. MG outsold Tesla despite losing ground. JATO Dynamics reports a 2.5% decline in new car registrations compared to last year, highlighting opportunities for Chinese OEMs in Europe amid high BEV prices and upcoming tariffs.
    By Felipe Munoz
    13 June 2024
    Explore the Tesla Model Y's rise to the world's best-selling car of 2023. Learn from JATO Dynamics data about this electric SUV and its impact on the automotive industry.
    By Felipe Munoz
    30 May 2024
    Explore the shifting trends in Europe's automotive market with JATO Dynamics. From electric vehicles and SUVs to Chinese-made cars, discover the evolving landscape and key insights into the latest market dynamics.
    By Felipe Munoz

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