Strategic market insights for car dealers

    Car dealerships are navigating a fast-paced landscape, with changing preferences, and a growing focus on customer experience impacting sales and marketing approaches.

    As technology continues to evolve, understanding buyer behaviour and attitudes to different brands, powertrains, and mobility solutions is vital. Data-driven knowledge helps to inform inventory and pricing decisions and optimise the customer journey – from first purchase to aftersales.

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    Business intelligence that powers sales and forecasting

    Our portfolio of solutions for car dealers are underpinned by our vast knowledge of vehicle specifications and product-driven insights into the dealership market.

    We provide up-to-date information about competitor pricing and offers, as well as data about vehicles and product sales insights that reveal the most popular specs, models and trims. Our insights into options and packages uptake can help increase revenue per sale.

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    Industry leading automotive research, analysis and insights 

    JATO Webinar Series
    JATO Webinar Series | How the EV price gap could redefine OEMs’ market share
    In this webinar: JATO’s automotive expert examines the growing EV pricing gap in different markets. Learn about what factors are contributing to price and model differences, and what needs to be done to bridge the gap if legacy OEMs are to retain their current market share. How the rate of change differs significantly between markets Why China is leading the shift The huge price differences of EVs across countries What Western OEMs need to do to retain market share
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