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Edition 6 2023

OEM News

New Citroen e-C3 to drive down EV costs with £21,000 price target

Citroen plans to tackle the new Chinese players in the European car market with its new e-C3 electric supermini priced under £21,000. Citroen is planning to reinvent the C3 as one of the UK’s cheapest electric cars when the all-new generation lands at the start of 2024, the firm’s new boss has revealed.
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Tesla jumps as GM deal makes its charging network closer to US standard

Tesla jumped nearly 7% on Friday after General Motors joined Ford in agreeing to use its electric-vehicle charging network, a big win that analysts said could make Tesla Superchargers an industry standard in the United States.
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Audi eyes China to accelerate EV, software rollout

Audi also needs new, shorter production cycles for connectivity, and software, CEO Markus Duesmann says. INGOLSTADT, Germany — Audi has to speed up development of new models to meet a surge in demand for electric vehicles, especially in China, the German luxury carmaker's CEO said in an interview with Reuters published on Thursday.
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Ford chairman says U.S. is unprepared to compete with China in electric vehicles: ‘They developed very quickly’

Ford Motor Co. Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. said the US is “not quite yet ready” to compete with China in the production of electric vehicles and said his company is taking an “all hands on deck” approach to prepare. “They developed very quickly, and they’ve developed them in large scale, and now they are exporting,” Ford said in an interview on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS. “They are not here, but they will come here we think at some point and we need to be ready, and we’re getting ready.”
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VW masters dry-coating battery process with potential to slash cell costs

Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) and a technology partner have mastered a battery manufacturing process called dry coating which if scaled up could cut the cost of cell production by hundreds of millions of euros a year, its battery chief said on Friday.
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Chinese EV giant BYD overtakes Tesla, but can it crack the U.S. market?

Thai YouTube star Jo Chirawatt recently took two of the best-selling electric cars in Thailand for a test drive. One was Tesla’s Model 3. The other was the Atto 3, made by Chinese electric vehicle giant BYD.
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Hopes launch of new electric car could spark price war in Australia

Hopes launch of new electric car could spark price war in Australia
China’s BYD says the Dolphin will be ‘the most affordable, high-quality EV’ launched in the country. The launch of a new electric car this week in Queensland could start a price battle among other manufacturers and make the technology accessible to a wider audience. But market experts warn that Australia still needs better policies to ensure the competition takes hold and more consumer education about the ultimate price – and price savings – of the new vehicles. Read more

Insurance News

Fleets may need product liability insurance for vehicles with ADAS

Fleets face the prospect of requiring new forms of vehicle insurance as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) change the nature of liability in an accident, according to Europe’s insurers. The annual report of Insurance Europe, which represents the continent’s insurers, warns that systems such as lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking could involve a shift from traditional motor third-party liability insurance (MTPL) to product liability insurance. This is due to the increasing difficulty in determining whether an accident is caused by human error or an ADAS malfunction.
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Digital Marketing & Retail News

Immersive tech to reshape online vehicle sales

Online 3D technologies could help brands stand out in today’s highly-competitive online market, writes Kosta Popov. Today’s consumers are becoming more comfortable with buying things online, and car shopping is no exception. According to the 2022 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Study, three-quarters of customers are “highly satisfied” with their recent car-buying experience because of the shift to digitisation. A 2017 Automotive Shopper Study by Google revealed that the vast majority (95%) of car buyers start their car search journey online. Half of car purchasers polled by Progressive bought their cars online within the past two years.
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Omnichannel approach is driving higher sales volumes, says Auto Trader

Automotive retailers that are investing in digital services to offer a seamless customer journey online and in the showroom are reporting higher sales volumes, according to Auto Trader. Auto Trader has put together a new report focussing on case studies with groups like JCT600, Luscombe Motors, Peter Vardy and Humphries and Parks.
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Leasing / Fleet News

Fleets beginning to see discounts on new electric vehicles

Tesla price cuts, the arrival of new manufacturers from China and an increase in production are resulting in fleets starting to see discounts on new electric vehicle (EV) orders. That’s according to Mike Potter, CEO of Drive Electric, who told delegates at the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP)’s 2023 Conference, it was a sign that EVs are becoming a “normal part of the fleet market” as well as the sector seeing a return to something a little closer to “traditional market conditions”.
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Four in five fleet vehicle orders are now EVs says Radius

GLOBAL mobility and connectivity leader Radius has revealed that 80 per cent of its car orders in Northern Ireland are for an equal split of electric (EV) or hybrid (PHEV) vehicles - up from just 18 per cent in 2019. This significant growth highlights the increasing commitment of businesses in the north to combat climate change and improve air quality.
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Other News

We Want Safety Features, Not Self-Driving, Buyers Tell Automakers

Blind spot detection and automatic emergency braking rank higher in consumer wish lists than hands-free driving systems. Automakers love to tell us about their new cars’ incredibly sophisticated autonomous driving features, but a new study suggests self-driving tech is way down consumers’ lists of priorities when buying a new car.
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How can players profit from the rise of car subscription?

The rise of the car subscription model is an opportunity for traditional car makers and EV platforms alike to drive revenues in a challenging market, writes Dominic Tribe. With demand for electric vehicles (EVs) growing strongly in the first quarter of 2023, there is increased momentum for motorists to make the transition to greener motoring. And EV subscription models are growing in popularity, as they provide a cost-efficient and convenient solution for those that can’t afford or prefer not to pay for one outright.
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Chinese OEM claims EV build time within two hours

Guizhou Changjiang Automobile Co. claims big efficiency gains from IoT-based production facilities. Chinese automaker Guizhou Changjiang Automobile Co., Ltd has claimed the use of ‘intelligent technology’ has enabled it to assemble its EVs in under two hours. The company says the entire process of making a new energy vehicle (EV), from plugging wire harness, installing chassis, to alignment and testing, takes less than two hours.
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JATO in the News

Mild Hybrids Offer Cheap CO2 Cuts As ICE Ban Reality Looms

We’ve had strong hybrids, parallel hybrids, range extender hybrids, self-charging hybrids; now let’s hear it for mild hybrids, the latest addition to the family and distinguishable by the fact it isn’t really a hybrid.
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VW Comfortably Leads EV Sales In Europe, Dacia Sandero Crowned April’s Overall Best-Seller

The Dacia Sandero was April's best-selling car with 18,659 examples sold. New passenger car registrations in Europe have jumped 16% to 960,191 units in April, thanks largely to increased demand for battery electric vehicles. Plenty of combustion-powered vehicles also enjoyed strong sales last month.
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Localisation, the new mantra of the auto industry

Over the past 20 years, we have seen how global economies have become increasingly connected thanks to globalisation. This trend has resulted in trade agreements and increased migration, which in turn have encouraged closer integration between the world's economies. The automotive industry has been one of the major winners of this trend.
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JATO’s overview of local markets


Sales numbers across the region are still increasing as we wrap up the first half of 2023. Despite its economic troubles nationally, Italy continues to post positive growth, some 26% up on year-to-date 2022 levels (May), although down a fifth on pre-2020 numbers.

Similarly, Austrian sales have progressed well to around 20% up on 2022 figures, with Swiss sales also seeing nigh-on 17% growth on last year. Despite being down on their European counterparts, French sales still saw a positive increase of around 15% in May. Renault Group also posted a significant uptick: 18% growth on 2022 and a boost in market share to 27%.

These increases are likely a result of late registration numbers, on account of delays to production. However, despite healthier than anticipated sales as the industry slowly recovers from chip and material shortages, Europe continues to see frequent price rises, with weekly changes in many cases. As manufacturers catch up on production shortfalls, will we see this reflected in registration numbers falling by year end and into 2024?

As we’ve seen over the last 12-18 months, brands are continuing to review their product ranges as the trend towards SUVs gather pace and electrified models are released. Volkswagen recently announced that its Arteon model range will be discontinued as the marque focuses on its profitability and reviews lower-volume offerings.

As reported previously, the Swedish private leasing market saw a drop in its fees for EVs and this continues into May. The Government is also set to prioritize setting up more charging stations to facilitate EV ownership for people living in apartment buildings according to local press coverage. Forecast for EV sales in the market during 2023 has also been adjusted from 40% to 35%, likely a reaction to the state incentives that were dropped late last year.

Asia Pacific

Korean market officials confirmed that the tax reduction, previously in place across 2022 and into the first half of the year, will be terminated effective from 1st July. The taxation will now be restored to the original 5% figure.

According to industry officials, the Samsung, SK, and LG business companies will team up with Hyundai Motor Group to create an electric vehicle alliance. The alliance is expected to see Samsung's autonomous-driving semiconductors and SK's batteries being installed in EVs made by Hyundai and KIA, while LG's organic light-emitting diode (OLED) instrument panels will also be fitted.

With a potential new Government forming in August, the Thai market is expected to see automotive legislation changes that may well impact on future EV technologies. Chinese firm CATL has announced a partnership with a local Thai company to build batteries and Chery has announced it will partner with local businesses to build an EV facility from 2024, with production expected to start within a couple of years. Additionally, Hyundai is to set up a manufacturing hub for EVs and is currently in talks with local regulators to facilitate this.

In China, Nio announced that it would be reducing prices by approximately USD 4,000 across all its vehicle line-ups. Additionally, the company will no longer offer limited free battery swapping services as a standard benefit to new customers. Instead, Nio plans to introduce ‘flexible charging and swapping packages’ soon so that they can maintain stable pricing and not introduce lower-cost models as part of a consistent strategy. This means new customers will now need to pay for battery replacements with fully charged ones at Nio’s battery-swapping facilities or charge at home with the charging equipment provided by the firm.

Tesla has started using BYD blade batteries for the Model Y electric crossovers produced at the Berlin gigafactory, significantly increasing charging speeds. CATL also supplied for Model Y in Europe, but in early May it was reported that Tesla had started using BYD as a second supplier as their blade battery charges at a higher speed for the entire charging duration.

Australia’s Luxury Car Tax is set to change from 1st July. The current threshold will increase to AUD 76,950 and for fuel efficient models to AUD 85,000. Sales for the market reached 106,000 in May, higher than average and seen as a result of orders being fulfilled from 2022. The State of Victoria has removed its AUS 3,000 EV rebate; BYD has taken advantage of this by selling Atto3s at a greatly reduced starting price (from approximately AUD 45,000). The Federal Government is also bringing in the removal of a fringe benefit tax on EVs.


While sales are improving across most markets, there appears to be an inability to transport models in a timely fashion. A large number of vehicles in the region have been reported as currently stranded at ports and factories, as local infrastructure struggles to cope with the ramp-up in shipping requirements.

In the US, Mazda Motor Corporation and Panasonic Energy have commenced discussions on establishing a medium- to long-term partnership to meet the demand for battery EVs and automotive batteries. Rivian Automotive has reached an agreement to access Tesla's Supercharger network starting from 2024 and will also incorporate Tesla's charging port design into its future electric vehicles. Hyundai will also consider making its vehicles more readily compatible with the charging standard Tesla is pushing for in North America.

The Brazilian Government has announced new incentives for OEMs to improve sales, giving credit on taxes so cars can be sold for less. In conjunction with OEM’s own discounts, prices have been reduced by up to 15%. However, sales continue to remain low, as interest rates stay very high.

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