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Consumers today expect to be able to buy everything online, at the click of a button. And buying a car is no different. This much greater confidence in buying products online creates significant growth and revenue opportunities for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and leasing service providers (LSPs) if their digital platforms can work together to complete the online customer journey from end-to-end.

The current situation

Currently, an OEM’s car configurator does not integrate with or “talk to” the leasing companies’ systems. Regardless of captive leasing, white label leasing or manufacturer leasing, the customer is sent to a third party offline to contact them and manually input their configuration in order to provide a leasing rate or subscription fee. 

JATO Code Link provides the essential missing link to connect OEMs’ and LSPs’ systems for a complete end-to-end solution that enhances the online customer experience, improves customer satisfaction, and increases revenue opportunities.

How does it work?

The raw OEM codes used in car configurators are not used by the leasing companies. This means that leasing companies need to translate these options and have to add options manually in order to calculate leasing rates. This is not only complicated, but also a time-consuming process.

JATO Code Link translates the raw OEM coding into codes that are understandable to the leasing company. This enables them to automate processes and opens the opportunity to communicate subscription fees adequately and proactively, without leaving the configurator page.

    • Integration

      Simple online API service translating raw OEM codes for LSPs.

    • Simplifies the process

      Easier for OEMs, LSPs and the customer.  

    • Saves time

      Less time-consuming data flow and manual processing.

    • Customer retention

      Customer does not need to leave car configurator to gain insight into lease rates or subscription fees.

    • Growth opportunities

      Increases revenue opportunities for OEMs and LSP through online sales.

    • Complete online solution

      Creates a full end-to-end online customer journey.

    • Online customer experience

      Easier and smoother process for the customer.

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