How do you keep up-to-date with key market events and performance in your markets? How do you find out about new model launches or version updates from you competitors? How do your internal teams track and monitor competitor activity in the market?

A constantly changing marketplace

Today’s automotive market is constantly changing and OEMs are looking for competitive and marketing information to keep them up-to-date with changing events in the market.

Whether its changes to specifications, prices, new model launches, facelift information, version updates, incentives or monthly market volume reports this global unique offering is essential for accurate and extensive central OEM analysis.

What does this mean?

The industry is still highly competitive and consumers are more savvy and demanding than ever. These issues are heightened by shortened product lifecycles, pressure on costs, legislative demands and consumer demand for new technology inside and outside the vehicle.

The challenge for OEMs is being able to keep up with a constantly changing industry and manage the demands of their customers while remaining one step ahead of the competition.

Don’t let market changes send you off course

    • Real-time delivery

      Market event changes delivered in real-time daily/weekly to meet the needs of your working schedule

    • Content customisation

      Ability to customise the content to ensure you only receive relevant events to your inbox

    • 10 year market history

      Over 10 years of specifications history for major markets, allowing you to search and identify important trends

    • Instant market awareness

      Ability to rapidly react to competitor activities and respond with your own market strategy

    • Key market events

      JATO News provides fact-driven, key market events, that effect JATO data

    • Local research

      Content for each country provided by local market researchers

    • News variety

      Roughly 90% of articles (New Model, Price Change articles etc. includes vehicle photos

    • Providing Knowledge

      Providing knowledge via a mobile devices that are intuitive, smart and accurate accessible whenever you need it

    • Daily article delivery

      200 articles a day available for customers within hours of actual market event

How can JATO News help?

JATO News is a global automotive electronic news service, providing OEM, Retail, Finance and Leasing customers with comprehensive updates of what has changed in the market place via news bulletins.

Your news is available via our online tool JATO Net with a link to full specification information, and distributed direct to you via email as per your personal customer preferences.

With coverage for more than 40 markets and availability in over a dozen languages, JATO News reports all “market events,” whether it be for cars or commercial vehicles, this is the perfect prompt to begin a variety of analysis; ensuring you are always aware of and able to react to the new threats and opportunities the market presents.

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