JATO Product Navigator

The dynamic online business intelligence tool for product positioning benchmarking


Product Navigator utilises JATO’s market-leading data and insights to deliver state-of-the-art market analysis in just three simple clicks. The ‘plug and play’ solution enables businesses to quickly view their product position and value in the market. Making the complex, simple.

How does it work?

Utilising current and historical sales volume mix analysis, Product Navigator is a dynamic business intelligence tool delivering product positioning benchmarking across an entire market, taking into account the customer buying decision process, combined with the traditional industry approach by model/trim.

Offering a completely unique approach to product positioning benchmarking, Product Navigator provides a live, always-on solution that is global (40+ countries in scope), scalable (by segment, country, region) and modular (by views, data type and value tables).

Sales volume mix is the backbone of the tool, including market analysis of all versions sold historically. This, combined with product values to give a market value analysis using customer specific or JATO supplied value tables, is what really gives Product Navigator its edge. It not only enables you to quickly and simply view your position from a global level, but it allows you to drill down into the different levels. All finished off with recommendations of ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ features that may make a difference to your product positioning in the market.

How does it help you?

Product Navigator helps to inform your product and pricing strategies by understanding your true value and position in the market, using leading intelligence based on real data and insights.

    • Global view

      Have a full view of the entire market with 40+ countries

    • Feature recommendations

      Understand the ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ features for your products

    • Easily collaborate

      Easy to share, barrier-free for collaborative teamwork

    • Value analysis

      Market value analysis of your products

    • Product position

      Understand your true position in the market

    • Ease of use

      Making a complex analysis very simple

    • Just three clicks

      The right answer quickly at your fingertips

    • Always on

      ‘Plug & play’ to access live data, no management required

    • Macro to micro

      From a whole market view right down into different levels

    • Fully customisable

      JATO can design any tailormade solution to meet your requirements

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