Sales Link

The FREE tool designed in collaboration with dealers, for dealers

  • Increase margins on your new car sales

  • Analyse transactional data with actionable insights

  • Make more informed buying decisions

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Sales Link

The free tool to optimise your performance and help you strategise your next move

  • Track your accessory and option performance

  • Understand your product line-up right down to model, powertrain and spec level

  • Tailored insights for retail and business transactionsl

Create your free Sales Link account

Sales Link

Insights designed to provide a deeper understanding of your market

  • See how your discounts stack up against market performance

  • Understand your customers buying trends

Create your free Sales Link account

Sales Link has been designed in collaboration with dealers to enable deep vehicle analysis to support a more targeted sales strategy.

In today’s world, dealers rely on their own sales data and experience to make decisions. The type of vehicles ordered and how they are priced have a significant financial implication; it needs to be right to meet customer demand and ensure maximum profit margins are sustained.

What is Sales Link?

Sales Link is the free to use, must-have solution for franchised dealers, delivering real market insights on the performance of new vehicle sales.

Understand, at a glance, how you’re performing in comparison to the other dealers in the market with key metrics like

  • Sales activity by model/trim options
  • Drill down into vehicle options, discounts and sales performance.

See your successes and learn where your areas for improvement are. Increase your profitability with market-leading knowledge and insights that:

  • Compares your historical sales data vs anonymised market data, analysing thousands of transactions a month
  • Highlights the most and least desirable vehicle configurations
  • Shows what discounts are being applied, and the most common trends
  • Adds margins, by including the most popular additional options and packs

Key Features

  • Improve profit margins

    Reduce the time to sell, understand common trends and what discounts are being applied

  • Compare, Analyse and Understand

    Spend less time analysing. Learn what colours, options, engines, transmission are most popular and trending in simple, actionable insights

  • Site Performance

    Learn how each of your sites performs and compare over time using simple group comparison tools within Sales Link

  • Make informed decisions supported by data

    Don’t just rely on your knowledge and experience, use global leading data to support decisions


Is my data secure?
Absolutely! Firstly, JATO only collects vehicle sales data and no customer information and links directly to your DMS. All data is passed using secure feeds.

Who will see my sales data?
Sales Link delivers a ‘market view’ of performance for new car sales but all this data is anonymised. Only your employees will see your data.

What countries is Sales Link available in?
Sales Link is offered in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

We will make this solution available in more markets soon and welcome enquiries from dealers in other countries.

Who can access Sales Link?
Sales Link is designed for franchised dealers to provide Within your business, you can have as many users as you need.

Is Sales Link Free?
Yes. Right now, Sales Link is free to set up and free to use for all dealers.


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