Sales Link

Designed in collaboration with dealers for dealers

  • Understand your dealer market better and adapt your margins

  • Make the right decision on what to order next

  • Compare and analyse, see how you compare to the other dealers supplying data

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Sales Link

Optimise your sales performance and strategise your next move

  • Compare your sales data against the other dealers supplying data and analyse the discounts you applied

  • Understand over time the top performing and least desirable vehicle combinations

  • Learn how you compare to other brands, improve your time to sell

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Sales Link

Insights designed to provide a deeper understanding backed by the data dealers are supplying

  • Site by site analysis, evaluate the most common trends

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest blogs and market news

  • Enriched insights at all levels with our filtering and sorting functions

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Sales Link has been designed in collaboration with dealers to enable deep vehicle analysis to support a more targeted sales strategy.

In today’s world, dealers rely on their own sales data and experience to make decisions. The type of vehicles ordered and how they are priced have a significant financial implication; it needs to be right to meet customer demand and ensure maximum profit margins are sustained.


What is Sales Link?

Sales Link is the must-have solution for dealers to access real insight for more accurate business decisions.

It gives you the insights and confidence needed to be bold, proactive and strategic in your vehicle selection and pricing.


What does Sales Link do?

Understand, at a glance, how you’re performing in comparison to the other dealers supplying data and drill down into vehicle discounts and models. See your successes and learn where your areas for improvement are.

Increase your profitability with market-leading knowledge and insights that:

  • Compares your historical sales data vs the other dealers supplying data
  • Highlights the most and least desirable vehicle configurations
  • Shows what discounts are being applied, and the most common trends
  • Adds margins, by including the most popular additional options and packs


How does Sales Link help you?

Sales Links enables you to:

  • Tailor your portfolios to your customers’ purchasing behavior
  • Mitigate the risk of depreciating vehicles and rising financing costs
  • Price the cars you have in the stock according to the sales trends
  • Configure the orders you have in the pipeline

‘This is JATO Sales Link. Your Intuition, Our Insights’.

    • Data visualization

      Understand and utilise the data stuck in your DMS or OEM software

    • My Data vs the dealers’ Data

      Compare your sales transactional data against the other dealers supplying data

    • Trends by site

      Understand regional preferences and analyse what is selling well and where

    • Benchmark your dealership​

      See how your franchises compares to the national averages to optimise performance

    • Depth of insight

      Numbers sold complemented by average transactional price and discounts being applied

    • Flexibility

      Holistic sales trends down to granular data for a specific model trim or version

    • Desirable configurations

      Analyse the most popular vehicle options vs least desirable.

    • Market news

      See the latest market news and trending blog posts

    • Insights made simple

      Designed in collaboration with dealers. Simple and intuitive interface design

    • Make informed decisions supported by real data

      Don’t just rely on your knowledge and experience, make decisions based on what customers really want

    • Know which cars to order​

      Compare your sales data with the other dealers supplying data to identify the best mix of vehicles

    • Improve your profit margins

      Reduce the time to sell, understand common trends and what discounts are being applied

    • Compare, analyse and understand​

      Spend more time analysing. Learn what colours, options, engines, transmission etc are most popular and trending

    • Track performance

      Learn how each of your sites performs and compare over time. Understand and compare how you’re performing against the other dealers supplying data.

    • Transactional Data​

      Factor average transactional price and typical discounts before ordering

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