Do you remember the last time you bought a car? What sort of an experience was it? Assuming you visited more than one dealership it may have been a varied experience and you probably felt more comfortable and confident with one experience than another.

Did this influence the car you bought? It probably did! The ability of a dealership to make you feel welcome, to put you at ease and to treat you attentively should be hygiene factors these days, but let’s face it, buying a car is a significant investment and we all want more than that.

So what will give your customers the confidence that buying a vehicle from you is the best option? Fundamentally of course they need to like the brand and the vehicle, but if we assume for a minute you are in a position of having them on the phone or actually in your showroom, there is a strong chance that they already do!

So now it’s down to your sales person…
How much do they know about your vehicles? How much do they know about the other vehicles your customer is considering? Are they equipped to be able to present your vehicle on the basis of its comparative advantages. Are they able to build real confidence into their relationship with your customer?

Being able to demonstrate essential product knowledge is a key sales advantage. It gives the sales person credibility and communicated effectively, it can help create that immediate bond of trust with your prospective customer.

Why Automotive Dealerships Choose JATO

Our customers frequently come to us for help and advice as the amount of information their customers can access, before they even consult with a dealership, is growing and easily available online. This is where JATO’s Portfolio of Retail Solutions can offer direct solutions that will keep the retail experience your sales people deliver…a few steps ahead of your competition:

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