JATO Sales Link

You know every new car sells, but some are more desirable to customers than others and ultimately this impacts your bottom line.

How do you make sure you order the best mix or most desirable car configurations?

JATO Sales Link turns historic dealer sales data into actionable stock intelligence, reducing time on manual processing and managing inventory risk, giving dealers the power to fine tune decision making and place stock orders in line with customer buying trends.

Your Intuition.  Our Insight

Essentially JATO Sales Link removes guesswork and ‘gut feel’ from the decision making process, analysing market-wide sales data at manufacturer, model and options levels, giving you a clear view of sales trends and patterns over previous quarters.

The combination of JATO’s unparalleled library of historic data across geographic markets, and the depth of data across sales, models and options when amalgamated with local dealer numbers, means that JATO Sales Link is able to give dealerships a single point of truth for game changing intelligence. This allows you to see how you’re performing against the market.

    • Breaks down Silos

      See your reems of siloed data, seamlessly transformed into actionable intelligence.

    • Depth of Insight

      Unrivalled when it comes to the breadth of data across geographic markets, sales, models and options.

    • User Friendly

      JATO Sales Link is being designed in collaboration with Dealers and has User Experience at front of mind.

    • Predict total acquisition costs

      Reveal hidden costs like registration, road, and benefit in kind taxes. 

    • Know Which Cars to Order

      Compare your sales data with the national market to identify the best mix of vehicles.

    • Desirable Configurations

      Learn what colours, options, engines, transmission etc are most popular and trending.

    • Compare, Analyse and Understand

      See how popular configurations differ by specific model and trim.

    • Awareness of Marketing Campaigns

      Consider the impact of the latest OEM incentives.

    • Transactional Data

      Factor average transactional price and typical discounts before ordering.

    • Benchmark your Dealership

      See how your franchises compare to the national averages to optimise performance.

For more information on how JATO Sales Link can help your business, please email us at jatosaleslink@jato.com, or login and see for yourselves.

JATO Sales Link

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