JATO Sales Link

Every new car sells, but some sell quicker and with less discount.

How do you make sure you order the most desirable car configurations that customers want?

Your Intuition. Our Insight.

The level of valuable insight available to dealerships today is too narrow and siloed, giving only a partial and sometimes dated view of the right vehicles to order and satisfy customer demand

Imagine a world where you had the insight you needed to be bold, proactive and strategic, and not just to keep up, but get ahead of the competition? A world where you tailored your portfolios to customer purchasing behaviour, all while mitigating the risk of depreciating vehicles, rising financing costs and the need to hit targets? What if you could price the cars you have in the stock according to sales  trends, while configuring the orders you have in the pipeline?

JATO is launching an exciting new solution for dealers, ‘JATO Sales Link.’

JATO Sales Link turns historic dealer sales data into actionable stock intelligence, reducing time on manual processing and managing inventory risk, giving dealers the power to fine tune decision making and place stock orders in line with customer buying trends.

So, what is JATO Sales Link?

We can help improve your bottom line by providing you with the knowledge and insight that allows you to:

  • Order desirable new vehicle configurations that your customers will want
  • Improve time to sell new vehicle stock
  • Reduce the need to discount
  • Add margin by including the most popular additional options and packs
    • Data Visualisation

      Brings alive data stuck in your DMS or OEM software

    • My Data to Market

      Compare your sales against our dealer community

    • Trends by site

      Help understand regional preferences

    • Additional Option Strategy

      Analyse average total option value and most popular options

    • Depth of Insight

      Not just numbers sold, but includes average transactional price and discount

    • Flexibility

      Holistic sales trends down to granular data for a specific model trim or version

    • Improve your margin

      Reduce time to sell and discounts

    • Order cars that your consumers will want

      Most popular combinations for specific models

    • Optimise your option strategy

      Order additional options that make your cars more desirable and add profit

    • Make decisions supported by data

      Don’t just rely on your knowledge and experience

    • Time to analyse data

      Spend more time analysing rather than running reports

For more information on how JATO Sales Link can help your business, please email us at jatosaleslink@www.jato.com, or login and see for yourselves.

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