CO2 Emissions Analysis FY2020

Increased demand for EVs in 2020 contributed to a 12% fall in Europe’s average CO2 emissions.

Over the last year, along with many other industries, the automotive industry has faced many challenges. However, the news is not all bad; there has also been positive changes reported including the rise in demand for electric vehicles and the reduction in CO2 emissions.

In JATO’s latest CO2 report we illustrate the latest position regarding emissions by country, segment and OEMs operating in Europe. It sheds light on how the reductions are being reported and why the market posted an average decrease on CO2 emissions during the pandemic.

Some of the headlines include:

  • Six markets recorded emissions averages below 100g/km
  • SUVs posted the highest average reduction in emissions
  • Electrification continues to drive the fall in CO2 emissions

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