How to keep up-to-date with a constantly changing automotive marketplace? How do you go about making those “tactical” informed decisions to stimulate demand in a competitive market? The car manufacturing industry faces huge challenges. Changing customer lifestyles, knowledge, innovation in technology and new markets are shaping the future of the industry.

What major specifications, features and performance will I require to competitively position the defined product concept? What market intelligence do you need to demonstrate the commercial viability of your new proposed product?

The need for accurate, timely and complete information is greater than ever before. Being able to specify what components, features and performance targets will be required to competitively position the defined product are key to ensuring the commercial viability and return on investment.

So now it's over to your Product Planners… Do they have access to the right industry intelligence to help them identify key market segment trends to support a view of the future? Do your product planning teams have access to an integrated global solution to run that valued in-depth analysis?

How do they monitor and understand competitor future models and technology? How do they detect emerging specification trends and track the popularity of options?

Being able to demonstrate essential industry knowledge throughout the product lifecycle process is crucial to the success of your launch, it gives the business confidence that they have the right product for a given market with the correct components and features that will appeal to your customers.

Why Automotive Manufacturers Choose JATO

Our customers frequently come to us to help them provide quality and accurate volumes specifications information for cars and LCVs. Our portfolio of solutions for Automotive Manufacturers can provide the market intelligence required to support all stages of the product lifecycle from initial planning to retail success.

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