JATO Specifications

How do you analyse and compare your vehicles with your competitors? How do you track new models, segments and technology that appear in the market?

There is a myriad of options and how do you ensure you have the right specification for your vehicles? The way consumers buy cars has changed, how do your product planners ensure they are developing the right product for you customers?


      Ability to compare individual brand models and their benefits


      Clearly demonstrate your vehicles key advantages over the competition


      Daily updates with our latest researched vehicle information for specifications, options and price


      Enhances product knowledge for your own brand and competitor makes and models


      Ability to track when a feature moves from being an option to part of a vehicles standard fitment


      Ability to configure your chosen vehicle to the exact specification including options


      Build in options to display optional advantages of one vehicle over the competition


      Compare multiple vehicles using the same terminology


      Access to valuable historical information which can be used to conduct in depth trend analysis

What does this mean?

The global automotive industry is constantly changing and delivers unprecedented levels of customer value. Vehicles are vastly superior and more reliable and packed with standard features that a few years ago you would of have to purchase as an option.

Global competition is even more demanding with the introduction of new models and new segments as the needs of customers change. Therefore the need for up-to-date accurate and timely information gives manufacturers the base to make their informed decisions.

How can JATO Specifications help?

JATO Specifications information is at the centre of everything we do and is delivered via a number of solutions to meet the needs of our Automotive and Retail customers.

For Automotive Manufacturers via JATO Net, which provides a company wide information source to deliver the latest specifications, JATO V5 is a product and sales planning solution to give instant decision making power to your business and JATO Analysis and Reports our consulting solution for any automotive reporting needs your Organisation may have.

For Automotive Dealerships via JATO Carspecs, our comparison and configuration tool, and JATO Datafeed, our adhoc datasets delivered in a format that suits your requirements.

Each solution enables you to see comprehensively the specifications and advantages of one vehicle against another. By moving the sales conversation to advantages and benefits, dealers and manufacturers can use JATO Specifications to demonstrate why a consumer should purchase their vehicle over one of their competitors.

For more information on JATO Specifications and to discuss the best solution for your business – please click here. We look forward to speaking to you.

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