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How do you currently analyse market incentives for cars and commercial vehicles? From a product management perspective are you happy you have the right product balance when including incentives? How do you currently assess you profit from incentives and use that information to make future investment decisions? Do you feel you’re positioning is competitive given your current incentive spend levels?

What do we know?

Quality incentives information is a core component of many of the main business processes within an OEM. Whether assessing profits for future investment decisions; deciding if a vehicle value proposition is balanced; trying to position a vehicle competitively on price; or when making sure “tactical” actions are appropriately scaled in campaign planning – comprehensive analysis of the incentives in the market is critical.

And what does this mean?

Increasing consumer choice and fierce competition in the automotive market has made the provision of incentives a vital factor at every level of the product lifecycle process.

JATO’s Dealer Incentives enhance our Public Incentives offering by providing further visibility of a vehicles price breakdown, including average potential transaction price and average minimal transaction price.

    • Tactical support activities

      Provides a comprehensive view of the tactical support activities in the market to enable counter measures to be developed and implemented.

    • Fully integrated

      Fully integrated to support vehicle pricing, by version, to understand the vehicle price position after specification and incentive adjustment.

    • Incentive spend

      Empowering you to maximise your incentive spend effectiveness, and sales revenue.

    • Value analysis

      JATO’s Model Mix information and  incentives allows you to analyse the average value for customers and the impact of incentives.

    • National research

      JATO researches all types of national retail incentives.

    • Version levels

      Incentives can be analysed on version level (UID).

    • Incentive values

      Incentive values are calculated for incentives where no direct customer value exists, such as finance incentives.

    • Incentive types

      Separate analysis by incentive types, e.g. discount, product, finance, ownership, etc. is possible.

    • Multi platform

      Available in various formats and systems depending on customer needs, allowing for micro level analysis as required.

    • Incentive weights

      Incentives can be weighted using JATO’s Model Mix.

How can JATO Incentives help?

JATO Public Incentives (OEM to Consumer) provides comprehensive information essential for understanding the market. This allows our customers to get a complete picture when making competitive comparisons and effectively react to competitors’ incentive offerings.

JATO Dealer Incentives (OEM to Dealer) enables our customers to position their vehicles on dealer support, bonus and margin information. This helps to maximise incentive effectiveness and better control manufacturers and dealers contributions to consumer incentives.

Both are designed for maximum functionality, making both access to and use of our in-depth incentive information as easy, practical and versatile as possible.

JATO’s Incentive information is availed for a number of countries so for more information and to find out how JATO’s Incentive information can add value to your business please click here. We look forward to speaking to you.

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