JATO Specifications & Incentives

JATO Specifications & Incentives provides the Agriculture Manufacturers with the essential tools to analyse an increasingly complex marketplace.

The combination of this key market intelligence provides up-to-the minute research on tractor specifications, options, prices and incentives which is unbiased and independent.

With dedicated and experienced researchers in Europe and North America we have a complete organisation that is dedicated to support our Agriculture customers from “management to field”. JATO will work with you to provide you with the intelligence you need to keep you informed and create an advantage over your competitors.

    • Price Analysis

      Automate their price analysis procedures, including discounts and dealer incentives

    • Maximise Profit

      Maximize profit margins for every version

    • Product Lifecycle

      Manage the product lifecycle in terms of tractor pricing, specifications and discounts and dealer incentives

    • Discounts and Incentives

      Position, monitor and maximise their entire tractor model range discounts and dealer incentives

    • Experienced Researchers

      JATO has dedicated and experiences ‘local’ researchers who understand the industry and products ensuring you get quality data

    • Building Options

      Building options on vehicles in JATO V4 follows manufacturer build relationships

    • Consistent Structure

      We have a consistent global data structure which is comparable across all markets

    • Cross Market Research

      Out international database allows cross market research of both competition and your own ranges

For more information and to find out how JATO Specifications and Incentives for Agriculture can add value to your business – please click here. We look forward to speaking to you.

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