March 1, 2016 by Felipe Munoz

2015 Average CO2 Emissions: Renault at third place

Renault 1Last year Renault lost its first place in the top 20 ranking by average CO2 emissions as the improvement posted by its smaller cars and MPVs was negatively affected by the increasing demand of its SUV models. The brand’s total average fell from 108.4g/km in 2014 to 105.9g/km in 2015, recording a decrease of only 2.4g/km. The reduction was outperformed by its French rivals Peugeot and Citroen, which occupied the first and second positions respectively. In 2015 Renault sold 11% more cars than during the previous year thanks mostly to the outstanding results of its SUV range, composed by the Captur (+17%) and the new Kadjar. This had an impact on the car maker’s average CO2 emissions as the Captur’s average grew by 0.4g/km from one year to the other, and the Kadjar started the year with a 112.9g/km average with the diesel engines counting for 81% of its sales and posting an average CO2 emissions of 109.6g/km against 127g/km for the petrol engines. Both models counted for 25% of Renault sales in the 23 markets analysed.

The best improvers were the new Twingo and the new Espace. The city-car was able to reduce its average emissions by 6.1g/km to 100.6g/km, the lowest among Renault’s non-zero emissions models (the Zoe is one of them but its sales counted for only 2% of the total). The new-generation Espace certainly helped the model to post the highest improvement among Renault models. Its average CO2 emissions fell by a massive 31.3g/km to 123.3g/km in 2015, whereas its sales jumped by 434% compared to 2014 figures. Most of the emissions improvement was posted by the petrol engines (from 180.9g/km in 2014 to 140.1g/km). Renault’s top-seller – the Clio – posted a 1% registrations increase and a 2.1g/km average CO2 emissions decrease mostly because of the diesel engines. The Megane, which should post better results in 2016 thanks to the arrival of the new-generation, recorded an average of 108g/km (+0.1g/km than previous year).

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