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    Jul 16, 2024 3:13:21 PM
    Access to high-quality data empowers success across all areas of the automotive industry. We explore why data standardisation is vital for both powerful business intelligence and AI.
    By Pete Jacobs
    Jun 26, 2024 11:50:00 AM
    Explore insights into the Indonesian automotive market, including the strategy of Chinese automakers and the latest automotive data from JATO. This analysis highlights market saturation and explores missed opportunities in one of Southeast Asia's largest car markets.
    By Team JATO
    May 31, 2024 10:13:00 AM
    Explore comprehensive insights into electric car finance in Belgium and the Netherlands. Understand the European EV market better through finance with JATO Data.
    By Team JATO

    Reports and whitepapers

    17 July 2024
    China's car manufacturers are rapidly closing the gap on legacy OEMs, driven by government support and control over the EV battery supply chain. Explore insights from the Beijing motor show on the rise of China's automotive industry and its future potential.
    By Felipe Munoz
    17 July 2024
    A study comparing Norway's electric vehicle uptake with global figures using H1 2024 data and expert analysis
    By Team JATO
    05 June 2024
    Southeast Asia remains a relatively untapped market for ev's. With growing consumer demand for NEVs across the region, we examine the landscape.
    By Team JATO

    JATO Podcast

    Nov 6, 2023 10:44:27 AM
    JATO Podcast | Episode 4 | An interview with Polestar: the challenges and opportunities of introducing a new brand into Europe
    An interview with Alexander Lutz, managing director of Polestar Italy. Learn how the brand succeeded in a crowded market, new products in development, and thoughts on an all-electric future.
    May 17, 2024 9:25:19 AM
    Listen to JATO’s podcast 7 featuring Felipe Munoz and Hormazd Sorabjee as they discuss the challenges and opportunities for global automakers and luxury car brands in India’s car market.
    By Team JATO
    Apr 29, 2024 11:53:00 AM
    Discover the future of mobility with our latest podcast episode featuring Merlin Ouboter. Gain insights into emerging trends, electric vehicle innovation, and sustainable transportation solutions. Presented by Felipe Munoz, this episode offers a glimpse into the future of mobility.
    By Team JATO
    Mar 1, 2024 11:54:00 AM
    Explore the dynamic landscape of Europe's automotive market in 2023 with JATO Podcast Episode 5. Join Felipe Munoz and guest Julian Rendell from Autocar as they discuss the surge in electric vehicles, the impact of Chinese automakers, and insights into European market.
    By Team JATO

    Media and press releases

    27 June 2024
    European BEV demand fell 11% in May, with 19% of registrations from China. MG outsold Tesla despite losing ground. JATO Dynamics reports a 2.5% decline in new car registrations compared to last year, highlighting opportunities for Chinese OEMs in Europe amid high BEV prices and upcoming tariffs.
    13 June 2024
    Explore the Tesla Model Y's rise to the world's best-selling car of 2023. Learn from JATO Dynamics data about this electric SUV and its impact on the automotive industry.
    30 May 2024
    Explore the shifting trends in Europe's automotive market with JATO Dynamics. From electric vehicles and SUVs to Chinese-made cars, discover the evolving landscape and key insights into the latest market dynamics.
    25 April 2024
    Dive into the growing presence of electric hybrid cars in Europe's automotive market. From Chinese car brands to diesel-powered vehicles, explore the evolving landscape and the role of hybrid electric vehicles with insights from JATO Dynamics.

    Webinars and events

    May 30, 2023 4:35:25 PM
    In this webinar recording our industry experts will delve deeper into our solution with focus on visualisations, delivery methods and real life data examples. Whether you're looking for a top-level snapshot of the market or want to deep dive into specific segment, Monthly Payments is the dataset for you.
    By Team JATO
    Mar 3, 2023 3:31:40 PM
    Learn how you can put yourself in the shoes of your customers to better understand their car financing decisions. Watch the webinar recording to hear our automotive market experts discuss how you can provide captivating offers and stay current in the automotive finance space.
    By Team JATO
    Feb 15, 2023 3:21:16 PM
    In this webinar our insurance expert shared their unique perspective on the market, and talked about the blind spot automotive insurer are currently facing.
    By Team JATO


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